DIVI cube® Partition Wall and Divider

DIVI cube® universal profile One profile for all applications DIVI cube® is real all-rounder when it comes to partition walls and divider systems. The idea is that designer universal profiles can be equipped with sound-insulating filling plates in all four directions with little effort. Variable in terms of its dimensions, easy to set up, dismantle […]

DIVI smart®Screens

DIVI smart® Acoustic partition The lightweight amongst sound absorbers is the perfect match for every office landscape. Versatile applications: as room divider or to compartmentalize desks, printer places, visitor or meeting spaces.

DIVI smart® Wall panels

DIVI smart® wall panels DIVI smart® wall panels are available in 4 formats and are attached to the wall for noise reduction. Their low weight makes for easy attachment with the corresponding magnets and suspension systems.

DIVI smart® Folding walls

DIVI smart® Screens Easily set up – quickly put away, that’s the DIVI smart® screens. Freestanding with up to 5 panels and light in weight, they are always at the ready when things need to happen quickly. Set up the DIVI smart® screens exactly as you wish – the 360° hinges give you the greatest […]

DIVI smart® Baffles | Ceiling sails

DIVI smart® Baffles | Ceiling sails Arranged in vertical, tiered rows as baffles. Suspended from above as ceiling sails.. DIVI smart® panels are easily attached with the corresponding suspension systems. The 25 mm thick, yet ultralight elements will demonstrate their sound-absorbing qualities in whatever arrangement you desire.

DIVI smart® desktop panels

DIVI smart® desktop panels The DIVI smart® desktop panel is the lightweight amongst sound absorbers and the perfect match for every office landscape. It will simply grow along as needed. The elements are made from 100 % PET fibres and will harmonize with any office environment thanks to their clean edges.