DIVI cube® universal profile

One profile for all applications

DIVI cube® is real all-rounder when it comes to partition walls and divider systems.
The idea is that designer universal profiles can be equipped with sound-insulating filling plates in all four directions with little effort. Variable in terms of its dimensions, easy to set up, dismantle and convert, the DIVI cube® supports a variety of uses.

DIVI cube® – always something new and different.
Variable in shape, colour and uses

You can equip your DIVI cube® with 25-mm-thick filling plates made from 100% PET fibre and an all-round ABS edge to create an L, U, Z or X-shaped installation.

Classically as

  • temporary separation
  • Display wall
  • at trade fairs
  • Shielding in offices

Unconventionally as

  • a room divider in an open space
  • VIP lounge as required
  • Sound protection from sources of noise

Other ways you can use the system include: DIVI cube® always makes itself useful in many ways: as a stylish divider or as creative sight and sound protection.

A base plate made from 8-mm-thick sheet steel ensures stability

Retaining clamps with a spike hold the filling plates securely in place

Cover cap - the functional finishing touch

Filling plates with all-round ABS edge in grey felt look

Setup is completed in just a few steps

  • 1. Push the lower retaining clamp into the column
  • 2. Insert the sound protection plates from above
  • 3. Insert the upper retaining clamp
  • 4. Put on the cover cap - and you're done!

For safety reasons, we recommend always setting up the walls in either an L, U, Z or X-shape.

Universal pillar

Aluminium 90 x 90 mm, grey powder-coated.
Can be supplied in 3 heights

Available heights

Height Dimensions when assembled
120 cm 121,7 cm
160 cm 161,7 cm
200 cm 201,7 cm

Filling plates

  • Plate thickness 25mm
  • with all-round ABS edge
  • Available in 3 widths and 2 heights
  • Made from 100% PET fibre (certified to ÖKO-Tex Standard 100))
  • Flame retardant according to DIN EN 13501-1
  • Standard colours: grey/light grey. Can optionally be supplied with colour on both sides.

Available sizes

Length Width Height Thickness
120 cm 40 cm 25 mm
100 cm 40 cm 25 mm
80 cm 40 cm 25 mm
120 cm 60 cm 25 mm
100 cm 60 cm 25 mm
80 cm 60 cm 25 mm

Wall connection rail

Ideal for shielding off counter / reception areas or for creating telephone cells.
Foot ventilation is also available - wherever a DIVI cube® sight and sound protection wall is to be permanently installed.

  • Column made from aluminium, 30 x 90 mm, grey powder-coated
  • 3 heights: 1200 / 1600 / 2000 mm

Ceiling connection

For compensation of the room height. The top pieces are secured using connectors inserted into the columns.

  • Customised heights available on request