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DIVI put.on®

DIVI put.on® - Sound insulation cubes - draw power from tranquillity

Our sound absorber of the A-class (αω=1.00) for insulating walls or partitioning rooms. Assembled in a flash from individual cubes in two sizes and highly multifunctional in use. Easily installed, converted or dismantled by a single person. As a room divider in open spaces. As a VIP lounge for special occasions. As a beautifully designed eye-catcher at trade fairs and conferences. Or whatever DIVI put.on® is inspiring you to at the moment.

  • A-absorber (αω=1.00)
  • Sound insulation wall
  • Cubes available in two sizes (large: 800 mm x 400 mm x 94 mm, small: 400 mm x 400 mm x 94 mm)
  • Easy to set up, change or put away
  • Many installation options, expandable at any time
  • Base units and connecting parts made from anodized aluminium
  • Free-standing or along walls
  • Virtually unlimited screening possibilities
  • Cubes in 12 colours
  • All colours can be freely combined

Colour range

DIVI put.on® is available in 12 colours, all of which can be freely combined.