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DIVI screen®

DIVI screen®  360° design freedom - infinitely expandable

This room divider has a sense of style. Is on its best behaviour wherever it is placed. Monochrome or in one of eight up-to-date colours. At trade fairs and conferences, in foyers and lounges, at events and in check-in areas. The light-weight DIVI screen® is always at hand when speed is of the essence. And afterwards? Immediately put away again before you know it.

  • Easily set up - quickly put away
  • Stackable
  • Create dividers and guidelines in functional spaces
  • Available in 2 panel sizes (50 x 165 cm and 80 x 180 cm)
  • Available with 2 to 5 panels
  • Hinges allow 360° movement without compromising the privacy
  • Infinitely expandable by means of base units
  • Very light-weight (from 3.8 kg)
  • Optionally available in one or several colours
  • Low-flammability Trevira®CS cover in waffle structure
  • Available in 8 up-to-date colours

ropimex® base unit - RLP/C
Base unit for stabilizing folding screens in a straight-line arrangement (use of the open width) and/or for accommodating several screens (up to 4 per base unit) to divide a space or provide a guidance system. Infinitely expandable with the RLP/C.

Colour range

DIVI screen® offers a varied colour range from reserved to eye-catching.