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DIVI sound®

DIVI sound® - Divides the room. Screens off. Absorbs.

Protected from prying eyes. Free from distractions. Focussed on the essentials. DIVI Sound® screens off without excluding. Presents itself in colours that stimulate without agitating. Proves itself as a noise screen that effectively absorbs incident sound.

  • Privacy protection partition
  • Easily moved from A to B
  • Can be installed individually, in a row or at an angle
  • Light-weight (only 12.6 kg incl. Base units)
  • Usable horizontally or vertically
  • 120 x 180 cm (and/or 180 x 120 cm) privacy screen
  • Noticeably lowers the noise level
  • Base units in 7 colours
  • Panels in 6 colours and 2 decors
  • Many compatible colours

Colour range

DIVI sound® is available in 6 colours and 2 decors. The matching base units are available tone-in-tone or full of contrast.

Colour selection