PLiO® The folding curtain

PLiO® is a flame-retardant folding curtain that was developed for hypersensitive facilities.

PLiO® is ideal for users whose hygiene concept opposes the use of classic curtains that need to be regularly cleaned, usually by external service providers.

PLiO® is quickly usable and just as quickly pushed together again to save space, and that without expanding again.

The connecting joints are elastic but also firm enough to keep them from tearing, even under great strain.

Easy to clean

A PLiO® panel offers the rigidity required for manual surface disinfection.

  • Care: With commercially available detergents and disinfectants.
  • Ask for our disinfectant test.

Product design and material combination for maximum hygiene

  • Joints: tear-proof, permanent antibacterial
  • Smooth surface: No grooves able to accumulate dirt or germs.

PLiO® ideal room divider

PLiO® can not only serve to protect the privacy of patients and those in need of care, but also as a privacy screen and splash guard in bathrooms, or as a room divider in function rooms.


Available in 5 colours


Plastic parts:
Panels made from hard PVC, joints from soft PVC, phthalate-free

  • Fire protection class: as per DIN EN 13501 B – s2 d0
  • Panel width: 30 cm
  • Height: 175 cm
  • Panel thickness: 0,80 mm//panel
  • Panel weight: 620 g//panel

Signal white

Dove blue

Perl white

Pastel turquoise


Pastel yellow

Panel colours are freely selectable

  • 3-panelled - 90 cm
  • 4-panelled - 120 cm
  • 5-panelled - 150 cm
  • 6-panelled - 180 cm
  • 7-panelled - 210 cm
  • 8-panelled - 240 cm
  • 9-panelled - 270 cm
  • 10-panelled - 300 cm

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