Plax Surface

Surface protection against scratches and dirt
Damages and soiling. Decorative protection – they render valuable service in hospitals, canteens, workshops, care facilities, sports and municipal facilities.

Plax is highly robust, easy to clean and resistant to most chemical cleaning solutions.

Fixation with the help of assembly adhesive enables easy and trouble-free installation.

Material and attributes

ropimex® Plax is:
  • easy to clean
  • flame-resistant
  • extremely scratch-resistant and
  • highly durable
  • slightly nubbled, smooth surface for the optical and value preserving optimisation of the material
  • 2,0 mm Polycarbonat
  • Size of the boards: 1,30 m x 3,00 m
  • Cut made to measure ex works (min. 0,60 x 3,00 m)
  • Fixation with the help of assembly adhesive

Color palette

Available in 9 colours


Azur blue

Pigeon blue

Pastel green

Light grey


Maize yellow



Special colours available


ropimex® Wall protection systems made of polycarbonate fulfil the strict requirements of the European Union in terms of fire protection and flue gas behaviour

ropimex® Wall Protection by conviction:

  • does not include any softening agent being suspicious of causing diseases
  • without chlorine and bromine – in case of fire less toxic flue gases


  • Fulfil the fire protection requirements according toB1, B2, M and F
  • Corresponds to the new EU standard: EN 13501-1 Fire protection test and flue gas behaviour. Test result: B-s1-d0.
  • Is resistant to usual disinfectants
  • DIN 13411: Our products may be used according to the DIN standard „Wall and device protection in institutions of health service”