ropimex® Telescopic screens RTI

fold-down and swing-out

  • Very space-saving in parked position
  • Can be mounted in a wardrobe
  • World's proven for over 30 years
  • Economical! With a telescope several beds can be operated, which were previously equipped with brackets
  • extremely durable, oldest parts still in use today
  • easy to handle. Light but robust
  • available in 3 lenghts
  • curtains rings are included
  • If the curtain rings are loaded, they release themselves from the eyelets oft he curtains and therefore avoid injuries and damage to the system.
  • TÜV certified

Product design and material
combination for maximum hygiene

  • Easy to clean and to disinfect
  • Easy to handle
  • Long life product
  • Smooth telescopic tubes and plastics –
    for one hygiene-friendly surface
  • Bending mechanism
    seamlessly integrated
  • Integrated stop mechanism
    for the curtain rings
  • Tail with locking-fixed
    telescope at rest
  • ropimex® RTI 2.2

    RTI 2.2 protects from the wall to the end of bed.
    Telescopic screen extension 100 – 220 cm, 17 Rings
    Weight: 0,8 kg
    Recommended Curtains: TCS 211, TCS 212, TCS 213, VH/C 211, VH/C 212

    ropimex® RTI 1.6

    RTI 1.6 protects a large part (3/4) of the lenght of the bed
    Telescopic screen extension 80 – 160 cm, 13 Rings
    Weight: 0,7 kg
    Recommended Curtains: TCS 151, TCS 152, TCS 153, VH/C 151, VH/C 152

    ropimex® RTI 1.3

    RTI 1.3 small protection: max. 130 cm
    Telescopic screen extension 70 – 130 cm, 10 Ringe
    Weight: 0,6 kg
    Recommended Curtains: TCS 121, TCS 122, TCS 123, VH/C 121, VH/C 122

    Recommended curtains

    ropimex® multifunctional textiles have more than proven themselves in practical application – whether here with us or in Tahiti or even Yakutsk.

    We only use flame retardant qualities that will meet even the most stringent hygiene requirements. The longevity of our materials meanwhile guarantees a most cost-effective price-performance ratio.

    Look at ropimex®-curtains >

    RTI 2.2

    • TCS 211
    • TCS 212
    • TCS 213
    • VH/C 211
    • VH/C 212

    RTI 1.6

    • TCS 151
    • TCS 152
    • TCS 153
    • VH/C 151
    • VH/C 152

    RTI 1.3

    • TCS 121
    • TCS 122
    • TCS 123
    • VH/C 121
    • VH/C 122

    Curtain rings

    Depending on the systeme used, two different curtain ring types are available
    ropimex®- curtain rings type (G) are always included with telescopic screens, telescopic arms and telescopic screen cubicles.
    ropimex®- curtain rings type (H) curtain rings are always included with Vario rail system RVS.
    Curtain rings can also be supplied separately.

    Curtain ring type (G)

    Closed curtain ring for curtain rails featuring one freely accessible end for threading the rings on for example RTS, RTI, RTH and shower protection.
    Outside diameter: 53 mm, Inside: 42 mm

    Fastenings for walls (WH) and equipment rails (GSH)


    Wall mounting for all telescopic screens, die-cast aluminium, concealed screws, adjustable to compensate for unevenness of the wall, colour coated, colours: white (RAL 9010), signal grey (RAL 7004)

    Dimensions: Height 10 cm, width 6 cm


    Wall mounting for all telescopic screens

    Dimensions: Height 16,5 cm, Width 6 cm


    Wall mounting for bridging service ducts up to 15 cm

    Dimensions: Height 16,5 cm, Width 6 cm


    Wall mounting with knurled thumb screw

    Dimensions: Height 16,5 cm, Width 6 cm


    Telescopic screen bracket for equipment rail 25/10 mm, fixing by means of clamping screw

    Dimensions: Height 13,5 cm, Width 4 cm


    Telescopic screen bracket for equipment rails, wall-supported, height-adjustable

    Dimensions: Height 55 cm, Width 5 cm


    Telescopic screen bracket with "double clamp" for equipment rails, height-adjustable

    Dimensions: Height 55 cm, Width 5 cm


    Telescopic screen bracket for equipment rails, adjustable tilt

    Dimensions: Height 10 cm, Width 6 cm


    Telescopic screen bracket for vertical tubes, max. 38 mm tube diameter, adjustable tilt

    Dimensions: Height 10 cm, Width 13 cm