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ropimex® - Anti Mosquito

Long-term protection against ticks, domestic and tropical mosquitoes

  • Basis: Icaridin

Also available as a concentrate (2 components)


Study confirmed residual effect

Sample of 40 volunteers were used in this test. Anti-Mosquito was applied to one exposed arm and leg, while the other arm and leg had no mosquito repellent. The volunteers were asked to go out for general walk in the evening and early morning when the chances of mosquito bites was most likely to occur.
Each volunteer was given a visual check (arms and legs) before and after application.

Following the Anti-Mosquito application, two further observations were made every twelve hours, allowing 24 hours as a time period. Each volunteer was then checked visually for mosquito or insect bites and recorded accordingly.

The experiment and study very clearly and visibly confirmed that Anti-Mosquito worked extremely well on the protected arms and legs.

Mosquito bites arms and legs - protected/unprotected
After 12 hours:
Protected: None
Unprotected up to 65% had clear signs of bites
After 24 hours:
Protected: 92% no bites at arms,
87,5% no bites at legs
Unprotected 90% had clear signs of bites at arms,
95% had clear signs of bites at legs

Study report available on request.

Intended use:
ropimex® Anti Mosquito works for up to 24 hours against mosquitoes, biting flies, tiger mosquitoes and ticks. ropimex® Anti Mosquito is perfectly suited for leisure, sports and travel and can be used in all areas including the tropics.

General information:
Appearance: transparent, colourless liquid
Active substance: Icaridin 20 % by weight
Density: 0,94 – 0,98 g/cm3
Odour: Limonette


Operating principle:
ropimex® Anti Mosquito causes a confusion of the sense of orientation and smell of mosquitoes, ticks and other bloodsucking pests. Therefore, protected skin areas are not attractive to them.

Spray product from a distance of 15-20 cm evenly onto the skin (e.g. for the area of a forearm approx. 6-7 sprays / 1 ml) and distribute carefully over all skin areas to be protected. For facial application, spray directly into the palm of the hand and spread sparingly on the face, avoiding the eye and mouth area. If the effect wears off, reapply as described.

Storage and disposal
Only completely empty the container and feed it to the waste collection. Take partially emptied containers to the problem waste disposal. 24 months in original container (10 °C - 25 °C, protect from direct sunlight, keep container always closed).

Use only according to instructions for use. Do not use on children under 2 years of age. Do not use on children's hands. Do not use on damaged skin areas (e.g. sunburn). For external use only. If irritation or irritation occurs, discontinue use.. 

Use biocidal products safely. Always read label and product information before use