ropimex® Stone impregnating agent
Protection against moisture and dirt

Ready-to-use, water and oil-repellent stone impregnating agent for porous surfaces,

  • e.g.: concrete, sandstone
  • Basis: HO system

Also available as concentrate

ropimex® Stone Impregnation is a hydrophobic and oleophobic impregnation for stones (absorbent) and concrete. ropimex® Stone Impregnation creates a thin film on the impregnated surface and hampers / prevents the adhesion of dirt. Water and other liquids such as red wine cannot penetrate the surface but remain on the impregnated surface from where they can be easily absorbed/cleaned.
The treated surface has an easy-to-clean (ETC) effect and can therefore be cleaned more easily or with milder cleaning agents.

General Information
Appearance: transparent, slightly yellow coloured liquid
Solids content: approx. 10 % by weight
Active ingredient: organofunctional silane system
Material consumption: 50 - 500 ml/m2
density: 0.91 - 0.95 g/cm3
Dilution; ready to use (ready-to-use solution, water-based), can be diluted with water e.g. 1:1 (primer)

Wear gloves and safety goggles during work. The surface must be clean, free of grease and dry.

The application takes place in three steps:
1. cleaning,
2. coating
3. drying/curing.

1. cleaning
The surface must be dry, free of dirt, oil and grease. Please test the material compatibility on a sample surface in advance. Cleaning with a high-pressure cleaner in combination with a mild cleaner (e.g. Green Clean) is recommended.

2. coating
The material can be processed at a temperature of 5°C and 50°C. Spraying with a pump spray bottle is possible. Apply as much material as necessary until the surface no longer absorbs liquid.

3. drying/curing
After applying ropimex® stone impregnation, the impregnated surface shows the desired properties after 3h at 20°C, but ideally it should be waited for 12h. After 24h a second impregnation can be done to intensify the effect. The consumption of ropimex® stone impregnation is reduced by up to 50 % (material is no longer so absorbent). In outdoor areas we recommend application every 3 years or in case of heavy load/soiling as required.

12 months in original container (10 °C - 25 °C, protect from direct sunlight and frost, keep container always closed. Store in original container).