ropimex® Telescopic fittings of the latest generation

Product design and material composition for maximum hygiene

Since 1976, ropimex® has focused on solutions to protect the privacy of people who are sick and who require care. The telescopic systems we first invented are still being used today.
The ropimex® telescopes of the new generation are optimised in terms of their handling, cleaning and disinfection thanks to seamlessly integrated mechanisms and especially smooth, hygiene-friendly surfaces. ropimex® curtains, which are washable and disinfectable, round off the hygiene concept.

Choose the appropriate telescopic system among the proposed models!


Swing-out telescopic screens
You can't trip over things that hang on the wall.
After use, simply push the screen together and turn it towards the wall. Your room is back to looking its familiar self.
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Telescopic screens, fold-down and swing-out
Ideal for intensive care units and all places where the telescopic screens cannot be swing to the side.
After use, simply push together and fold down.
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Telescopic arms with hooks fold-down and swing-out
With the RTH models and the ceiling mounts you can divide up any room just how you want it.
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Telescopic screen cubicles (wall and ceiling fixing)
Ideal for multi-bed rooms and treatment rooms. The height-adjustable RST ceiling mounts provide stabilise the cubicles and enable several cubicles to be lined up side-by-side, either as a corner solution or with RTA as a U-shaped solution.
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Telescopic screen cubicles(wall fixing)
With this space-saving model it takes just a few seconds to create a screen for washing, changing, radiotherapy or inhaling, either as a corner solution or as a U-shaped solution.
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Mobile screen
The mobile screen ‘95 is ready to use in only a few seconds and is quickly returned to its parked position. Its smooth and easy movement, low weight and high degree of stability ensure simple handling.
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Shower splash guard
Privacy screen for patients, splash guard for the care personnel.
The shower splash guard saves the care personnel having to get changed and therefore makes their work easier.
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