Since 1976, ropimex® has been busy finding solutions to protect the privacy of the sick and those in need of care. Best advice from authorised stockists and the fastest possible delivery have secured ropimex® more than 75,000 satisfied users to date, all over the world.

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Noise Control


ropimex® DIVI line®. Sight and sound protection for the office.
Clevere Lösungen zur wirkungsvollen Schallabsorption für Boden, Wand und Decke. Vielseitig einsetzbar bieten die anpassungsfähigen Schallabsorber einen hohen Nutzen und haben, wie alle ropimex®-Produkte eine überaus lange Lebensdauer.
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ropimex® Chemicals: Customized solutions

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Wall Protection Systems


ropimex® - Wall Protection: Surface protection against scratches and dirt Damages and soiling. Decorative protection – they render valuable service in hospitals, canteens, workshops, care facilities, sports and municipal facilities.

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