Glass/ceramic sealing

Easy-to-clean coating for glass/ceramic

ropimex Chemicals Glass/ceramic sealing ropimex Ready-to-use, alcohol-based, easy-to-clean coating for glass/ceramic

ropimex®glass/ceramic sealing agent is a temporary easy-to-clean impregnating agent based on Sol-Gel technology for glass and ceramics (check material compatibility beforehand).
ropimex® glass/ceramic sealing agent leaves a thin film on the surface, which reduces the adhesion of dirt. Water and other liquids run off more easily and leave fewer marks behind. Fingerprints can be removed more easily from stainless steel (in some cases with a dry cloth). Ideally use a mild cleaning agent, such as Green Clean, for cleaning.

General information

  • Appearance: transparent liquid
  • Solids content: approx. 0.7 wt%
  • Material consumption: 5 – 15 ml/m2
  • Density: 0.78 – 0.80 g/cm3
  • Dilution; ready to use (ready-to-use solution, isopropanol-based)
  • Alkali stability: pH 2 – pH 12


Wear gloves and goggles during application. The surface must be clean, dry and free from grease.
It is applied in three steps:

    1. Clean
    2. Coating
    3. Dry/cure

1. Clean

Weakly acidic, alkaline or tenside cleaners can be used. In this case, care must be taken to ensure that the surface is thoroughly cleaned/rinsed with water before coating. As the final step, we recommend cleaning with an alcohol such as ethanol or isopropanol.

2. Coating/impregnation

The material can be processed at a temperature from 5°C to 30°C. We recommend applying ropimex® glass/ceramic sealing agent on a cloth (fleece or microfibre cloth) and using it to work on the surface to be impregnated. If streaks develop, polish the surface up with a cloth until no more clouding is visible.

3. Dry/cure

The effect begins once the coating is dry, after 12 hours (20°C). If used at a higher temperature, the curing time is reduced.


12 months in the original container (10°C– 25°C, protect against sunlight and frost, always keep the container closed. Store in the original container).