Bacoban® Nepuliser

Vaporiser to use with Bacoban® DL 3%

ropimex Chemicals Nebuliser

Duration of treatment

Area to be treated in m3FoggingExposure timeml
800:01:3030 min.25
1600:03:0030 min.50
2500:04:3030 min.75
3300:06:0030 min.100
5000:09:0030 min.150
6600:12:0030 min.200
8300:15:0030 min.250
10000:18:0030 min.300
13300:24:0030 min.400
16600:30:0030 min.500
20000:36:0030 min.600
23300:42:0030 min.700
26600:48:0030 min.800
30000:54:0030 min.900
33301:00:0030 min.1000

Easy to use

ropimex Chemicals Graphical representation of the insertion of a 1 liter disinfectant container into the nebulizer

Technical data

Terms of Use


The device should be stored in a dry, clean and protected place

Operation manual