ropimex®-Butterfly Paravent RBP

ropimex Butterfly paravent RBP Ideal for mobile screening of beds at head ends
  • Aluminum design profiles with staph CHEK covering
  • Smooth-running plastic castors with parking brakes
  • Long service life
ropimex Butterfly paravent RBP in multi bed room
  • staph CHEK fabric is antibacterial
  • disinfectable
  • flame retardant self-extinguishing and durable
  • Height 165 cm
  • 2 widths: 140 cm / 200 cm
  • staph CHEK covering available in 5 colors

staph CHEK fabric is permanently antimicrobial

ropimex staph CHEK covering: Permanently embedded: active antibacterial components

ropimex® Butterfly paravent RBP - Assembly