Textile impregnating agent with fluorocarbon system

for white textiles

ropimex Chemicals Ready-to-use, water and oil-repellent textile impregnating agent for indoor and outdoor use for white textiles

ropimex® textile impregnating agent is a water-based hydrophobic and oleophobic impregnating agent for various white textiles such as cotton, synthetics and silk.
ropimex® textile impregnating agent is an aqueous polymer suspension containing fluorine. It has excellent mechanical stress stability.

General information

  • Active components: fluorine-containing polymer suspension
  • Appearance: white, translucent, liquid
  • Solid content: 1.5 wt%
  • pH: 6 – 7
  • Water/oil score:
  • (AATCC 118): W10/O8 (cotton)
  • Dilution: ready to use
  • Material consumption: 20 – 250 ml/m2
    (depending on the absorbency of the material)


Wear gloves and goggles during application. The surface must be clean, dry and free from grease.
It is applied in three steps:

    1. Clean
    2. Coating
    3. Dry/cure

1. Clean

The textile must be clean before the impregnation process begins.

2. Coating/impregnation

When spraying on the impregnating agent, only spray until a homogeneous film of moisture has formed on the surface.

3. Dry/cure

Allow ropimex® textile impregnating agent for white textiles to dry at room temperature. The hydrophobic effect begins after 12 hours of curing at room temperature. Higher drying temperature will accelerate the curing process and the development of the desired hydrophobic effect.

Safety instructions

Safety data sheet available on request.


12 months in the original container (10°C– 25°C, protect against sunlight and frost, always keep the container closed. Store in the original container).