DIVI smart® Screens

Easily set up – quickly put away, that’s DIVI smart® Screens. Freestanding with up to 5 panels and light in weight, they are always at the ready when things need to happen quickly. Set up the DIVI smart®screens exactly as you wish – the 360° hinges give you the greatest possible design freedom.
ropimex DIVI smart screen at the info point
ropimex DIVI smart screen closed
easily stowable when closed
ropimex DIVI smart screens and Mobile Desktop panels - Opaque 360° hinges allow the wings to be rotated to any desired position.
with 360° opaque hinges
ropimex DIVI smart Screens - Free-standing, can be set up in zigzag, angle or semicircular form

can be set up in

zigzag, …

ropimex DIVI smart Screens - Free-standing in angle or semicircular form
… angle or semicircular form
ropimex Sound insulation DIVI cube partition walls and divider system - with circumferential ABS edge in felt grey
with circumferential ABS edge in felt grey

Available sizes

ropimex DIVI smart Screens Dimensions

Acoustic screens in 2 heights and 4 widths.
Available in heights of 150cm and 180cm. At least 2 wings form a screen. Up to 5 wings available.


DIVI cube® partition walls are made of 100% PET fibers, flame retardant according to DIN EN 13501-1, B-s1, d0. Pressed to 25-mm-thick inherently stiff plates with an all-round ABS edge in grey felt look for clean edges. Available in 6 colors