Textile impregnating agent with HO system

for coloured textiles

ropimex Chemicals Textile impregnating agent with HO system. Ready-to-use, water and oil-repellent textile impregnating agent for indoor and outdoor use for coloured textiles

ropimex® textile impregnating agent creates a thin film on the impregnated surface and reduces/prevents the adhesion of dirt.
Water and other fluids such as red wine are unable to penetrate the surface and instead remain on the impregnated surface, from where they can be easily absorbed/cleaned off. The treated surface has an easy-to-clean (ETC) effect and can therefore be cleaned more easily or touched up with a mild cleaning agent.

General information

Appearance: transparent, slightly yellow-coloured liquid Solids content: approx. 10 wt% Material consumption: 50 – 500 ml/m2, density: 0.99 – 1.01 g/cm3


12 months in the original container (10°C– 25°C, protect against sunlight and frost, always keep the container closed. Store in the original container).


Wear gloves and goggles during application. The surface must be clean, dry and free from grease.
It is applied in three steps:

    1. Clean
    2. Coating
    3. Dry/cure

1. Clean

The surface must be dry, dirt-free and free of oil or grease. Please test the material compatibility on a test area beforehand.

2. Coating/impregnation

The material can be processed at a temperature from 5°C to 50°C. It can be sprayed on using a pump spray bottle. Apply as much material as needed until the surface cannot absorb any more liquidt

3. Dry/cure

After applying the ropimex® textile impregnating agent, the impregnated surface will exhibit the required properties after 3 hours at 20°C, but ideally you should wait 12 hours. After 24 hours, a second impregnation can be carried out in order to amplify the effect. The consumption of ropimex® textile impregnating agent is reduced in this case by up to 50% (material is no longer as absorbent).

Safety instructions

Safety data sheet available on request.