Anti Mosquito

ropimex chemicals Anti-Moskito, Bild eines Moskitos

Intended use

ropimex® Anti Mosquito works for up to 24 hours against mosquitoes, horse flies, tiger mosquitoes and ticks. It is ideal for leisure, sports and travel and can be used in all regions, including the tropics.

General information

Appearance: transparent, colorless liquid
Active ingredient content: Icaridin approx 20%
Density: 0,94 – 0,98 g/cm3
Odour: Lemon

Mechanism of effectiveness

ropimex® Anti Mosquito confuses the sense of orientation and smell of mosquitoes, ticks and other blood-sucking pests. Protected parts of the skin therefore become unappealing to them.


Spray the product evenly onto the skin from a distance of 15-20 cm, e.g. for the surface of the forearm, apply approx. 6-7 sprays of 1 ml each and then rub it with the hand over all of the parts of the skin to be protected. For use on the face, spray it directly onto your hand and then spread sparingly onto the face, avoiding the eyes and mouth area. If the effect wears off, reapply as described.

ropimex chemicals Antimoskito auf den Arm sprühen


Only use in accordance with the instructions for use. Do not use on children under the age of 2 years. Do not use on children’s hands. Do not use on damaged skin (e.g. sunburned areas). For external use only. If irritation occurs, discontinue use.
Use biocidal products with caution. Always read the label and product information before use.

Long-term protection against ticks, native and tropical mosquitoes

Also available as a concentrate (2 components)

ropimex chemicals Anitmoskito

Study confirms long-lasting effect

The trial was conducted on 40 subjects. Anti Mosquito was applied to one arm and one leg, while the other arm and leg were left untreated. The volunteers were asked to go for a walk in the evening and early morning, periods during which the likelihood of mosquito bites is highest. Each volunteer was visually examined before and after the product application.
After applying Anti Mosquito, two additional tests were carried out after 12 and 24 hours. Each volunteer was visually examined for mosquito bites or other insect bites and the results were recorded.
The experiment and the study clearly showed that Anti Mosquito worked extremely well on the treated arms and legs.

After 12 hours
Unprotectedup to 65% had clear signs of bites
After 24 hours
Protected92% no bites at arms, 87,5% no bites at legs
Unprotected90% had clear signs of bites at arms, 95% had clear signs of bites at legs

Storage and disposal

Only send the container for recycling once it is completely empty. Partially empty containers should be disposed of as hazardous or special waste. 24 months in the original container (10°C – 25°C, protect against direct sunlight, always keep the container closed).