100% bio-degradable

ropimex Chemicals GreenClean - is probably the world’s most versatile and powerful Bio Cleaner. Made from yeast, betaine and salt extracts, it is 100% bio-degradable. From cleaning Super Tankers to Fish Tanks, GreenClaen can tackle most cleaning jobs.

GreenClean is a powerful Bio Cleaner – 100% bio-degradable. Non-toxic for water- or plants. Non-toxic for humans and animals. Neutral towards colors and materials.
The highly effective surfactants remove fatty deposits of animal, vegetable, synthetic or mineral origin.

Intended use

GreenClean does not cause any health risks – ideal for use in:

In addition, GreenClean significantly reduces unpleasant odors – e.g. for the after-treatment of contamination with heating oil.

Biologically based water-soluble cleaning concentrate

With highly effective surfactants – effectively dissolve fats and oils.


Declaration according to the Detergents Regulation (EC) No. 648/2004: brewer’s yeast; 5% and above but less than 15% anionic tensides, below 5% amphoteric tensides


Ambient storage or usage temperature should not be below 5° Celsius.

Dilution table

AnwendungMischungsempfehlung GreenClean : Wasser
Maschinenreinigung / Autowäsche per Hand1:10-30
Felgenreinigung / Reinigung der Zapfsäule1:10-30
Metall- und Edelstahlreinigung / Kunststoffreinigung1:10-30
Pfannenreinigung / Backofenreinigung1:10-30
Motorreinigung / Bremsscheiben entfetten1:10-30
Autowaschstraße Hauptwäsche1:40-120
Autowaschstraße Vorwäsche / Gebrauch mit dem Hochdruckreiniger / Glasreinigung1:40-120
Auto Dampfstrahler / Helmvisierreinigung / Bildschirmreinigung1:30-90
Ölfleck entfernen Beton1:6-18
Bodenreinigung (Wischwasser / Bootsreinigung1:20-60
PC-Gehäusereinigung / Möbelreinigung / Geschirrreinigung1:20-60