DIVI smart®

Light | flexible | inexpensive

The lightweight amongst sound absorbers offers privacy and sound insulation for every office landscape – and will simply grow along as needed.


(Deutsch) DIVI smart® Stellwand: Das Leichtgewicht unter den Schallabsorbern passt perfekt in jede Bürolandschaft.
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Desktop panels

DIVI smart® desktop panels: The lightweight amongst sound absorbers is the perfect match for every office landscape.
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Baffles | Ceiling sails

DIVI smart® baffles and ceiling sails: The flexible system can unfold its sound-absorbing properties arranged in vertical, tiered rows or suspended from above.
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Wall panels

DIVI smart® Wall panels: Attractive wall panels with sound-absorbing properties.
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Folding walls

DIVI smart® folding walls: Privacy and sound insulation could hardly be more adaptable and versatile in day-to-day office life.
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Sound absorber class

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