DIVI put.on

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Our sound absorber of the A-class (αω=1.00) for insulating walls or partitioning rooms. Assembled in a flash from individual cubes in two sizes and highly multifunctional in use. Easily installed, converted or dismantled by a single person.

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DIVI smart

The lightweight amongst sound absorbers. Available as desktop panels, baffles, ceiling sails, wall panels, folding walls or screens. Suitable for all office landscapes.

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DIVI cube

One profile for all applications. DIVI cube®: variable in shape, colour and uses - always offering something new and different.
A real all-rounder when it comes to partition walls and divider systems.

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DIVI sound

DIVI sound

Concentration booster and room divider in trendy colours. Easily moved from A to B. Can be installed on its own, in a row, or a rectangle. Upright or crossways.

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DIVI max

DIVI max

Smooth-running without physical effort. Ready to use wherever and whenever they are needed right now. And in the meantime? They will discreetly merge with the background.

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DIVI screen

DIVI screen

Be it in a straight line, zigzag or rectangular arrangement – the system is set up in not time at all. Simply folds up after use. Can be stored away anywhere. Ideal with base units for creating guidance systems.

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