Our virtual showrooms

Experience our privacy and soundproofing products in an interactive 360° tour

We cordially invite you to a virtual tour of our privacy screen showroom in the furnishing theme Hospitals, nursing homes, medical practices and other healthcare facilities. Likewise in our soundproof office world, which shows solutions in the office area on 2 floors.
The trilingual theme worlds not only serve as virtual product exhibitions, but also provide you with all the product information you need to know directly via the multimedia info boxes.
The best way to visit our virtual showrooms is to click on the respective button or use the full-screen symbol in the top right-hand corner of the showroom. We wish you a lot of fun!

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Privacy Screens

Are you looking for the right privacy screen for your requirements?
Our range offers a variety of professional solutions.

Telescopic screen – self-supporting up to 220 cm, ceiling mounts, Telescopic arms, Mobile screens

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Folding walls RFW – wall mounted, column mounted or mobile

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Easy to use – Lightweight paravents, Butterfly Paravent, Butterfly Folding wall

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Vario rail system RVS: one system – any number of options!
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Shower splash guard, Telescopic screen cubicles – ideal shielding for washing or changing

Curtains, Folding Curtains: flame-retardant, disinfectable, antimicrobial, anti-bacterial

Sound Insulation

Are you looking for the right sound insulation for your requirements?
Our range offers a variety of individual solutions.

Modular privacy & sound insulation

Made of 100 % PET fibres: slightly flexible, inexpensive

All-rounder universal profile

Open questions?

Do you still have questions? Do you have individual or very special requirements? Of course we are always happy to help you. Just contact us!